Cauli Rice builds up a head of steam with Lagarde

One of the UK's biggest success stories in 2015, Cauli Rice, a range of flavourful gluten free alternatives to rice, based on kibbled cauliflower is being produced in a Lagarde 4 basket retort.

Gem Misa, founder of the patented product said "I tried a number of different retort processes and suppliers to get the ultimate quality I wanted but found that only the Lagarde Steam/Air process produced the right product with a "just steamed" flavour. Holmach was instrumental in getting our retort process right."

Holmach as able to provide trial facilities that proved the process and allowed initial samples to be made for presentation and testing purposes. The product has now been launched across most of the high street retailers and further afield.

Lagarde's patented steam/air retorts are able to process product to high accuracy and to handle delicate laminates without damage. The brightly coloured packaging of the Cauli Rice packs needs to be free of any wrinkling or creasing following processing and as the flavours are delicate, the Lagarde control accuracy to +/-0.2 degrees Celsius and 15mbar mean repeatable quality as well.

Other recent Lagarde applications in the UK include meat cooking for "street food" and "food to go", baby food in pouches and premium pet food in plastic pots.

For more information on Lagarde retorts processing a variety of products in the UK, see us on Stand C30 at PPMA Total Show 2016!

Published 19.09.2016

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