G’s Installs NIKO Beetroot Line

G’s Fresh Marketing has installed a NIKO filling group for the handling of beetroot and other pickles into a new range of pasteurisable PET jars.

Comprising a volumetric pocket filler with vibration, designed to handle whole, shredded and sliced product, a spice filler for capers, peppercorns and seeds and a vacuum filler linked to a capper, the line is designed to gently fill delicate and difficult products without damage and to ensure the brine is filled into the container without spillage.  The line runs at over 100 jars per minute.

Commenting on the choice of equipment, Graham Forber, Managing Director of G’s said:

“We approached Holmach and NIKO for the filling line for their depth of experience and knowledge in handling pickle products.  We were aware that many of the UK’s food producers use NIKO equipment because of their specialisation in this area. The line performed from the start and we have been very happy with the support we have received from both companies.”

NIKO, based in Nettetal, Germany, are world leaders in Pickle handling from fillers and briners to tunnel pasteurisers and glass handling solutions.  Recent installations in the UK include air rinsers for shaped glass and plastic jars and two more rotary fillers for beetroot, shredded cabbage and pickled onions, and another for an Irish group.

All equipment is specifically designed to handle the high acid or salt levels found in similar environments.  The vacuum fillers are designed to avoid the spillage and product loss associated with traditional gravity or flood filling.

Speeds are available from 30 to 350 jars per minute with quick changeover between sizes and types of container.

Published 10.02.2016

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