Roboqbo - A year of celebration

This year, Italian processing vessel manufacturer, Roboqbo, has been celebrating its 40th year.
An anniversary party took place at its headquarters in Bologna, in the summer, and the company has been busy taking its Cook-Cut-Cool technology to various food exhibitions around the world. This included supporting Holmach at both Foodex and PPMA, where customers were able to see the jacketed cooking vessel in action, taste the results and talk to experts about the technology.
More recently, Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani (the Italian Master Confectioners Academy) presented Roboqbo with a gold medal at a prestigious awards ceremony, for their 'ongoing technological research for food development, which increases food quality and the production of machines capable of maintaining the nutritional properties of food, whilst respecting the natural, raw materials.'
The Roboqbo vessel is particularly popular with patissiers, bakers and confectioners across Europe as it can make meringues, mousses, marshamallow and marzipan; create creamy creme-patissiere (confectioner's custard), vibrant jams jellies and glazes, as well as perfect choux pastry, in minutes.
For chocolatiers, the Roboqbo produces decadent chocolate ganache in just eight minutes. With indirect heat coming from within the walled jacket of the vessel, and gentle scrapers constantly moving the product around, the chocolate will not overheat and become grainy. 
Additionally, for the smoothest of chocolates, Roboqbo has a purpose-built accessory in the Bilia. This refining tool consists of many tiny spheres that roll around the product, to continually smooth, creating a silky, glossy finish.


Published 13.11.2018

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