Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers operate by scraping product as it is cooked or cooled while it progresses through the vessel. Holmach has a large number of reference sites in the UK for the Terlotherm, the premium Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger supplied by Terlet of the Netherlands.

The difference between the Terlotherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger and competing brands is the increased heated surface. The inner coil in the Terlotherm is heated (or cooled) to the same temperature as the jacket, allowing food to be processed as efficiently as possible with double the heated surface area of other models. Additionally, the Terlotherm has only one mechanical seal on the bottom driven vessel, making it far simpler to undertake maintenance work. The location of the seal also avoids any possibility of oil contamination to the product. 

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