Entering into the field of confectionery and desserts, Holmach has worked with leading artisan producers and household name confectionery manufacturers in the UK and Ireland to develop beautifully tasty treats.

Originally processing “yogfruit” in the 80s, dairy-based desserts have long been processed by Terlet with the Terlotherm, their premium Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger. With rapid crystallisation and cooling, the Terlotherm has been chosen by many clients for the perfect enrobing of bsicuits and the production of sweet fillings. Terlet's vessels are also used worldwide for the production of caramels, sweet or chocolate sauces and yogurts. 

Revtech specialises in the sterilization of dry ingredients, including nuts for confectionery. As the only company with a validated 7 log reduction in microbial populations holding the approval of the Californian Almond Board, this technology has been creating quite a stir, with installations worldwide for processing almonds, brazils and pistachios. Healthier treats often incorporate seeds and grains, while can likewise be sterilized with Revtech's unique and patented technology. 

For the artisan producer, Roboqbo offers vessels that cut, cook and cool in one cycle to produce sweet products from candied fruit to ganache, sweet centres and marzipan.

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